Eruslu Hygienic Products, which started its activities with the production of diapers in 2004, continues taking firm steps forward in the sector. Eruslu Hygienic Products, which started to produce adult diapers, wet towels and pocket handkerchiefs in 2010, underpad covers in 2013, breathes new life into the sector by developing and progressing. It is starting the production of sanitary pad in 2017.

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Eruslu Hygienic Products Monthly Production

0 million pieces of baby diapers
0 million pieces of adult diapers
0 million pieces of under pad
0 million pieces wet wipes
0 million pocket wipes
0 million pieces of hygienic sanitary pads

It is one of the leading companies in its sector in terms of Production Capacity.

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Always Better

Always Better

"E ruslu Hygienic Products, which works with the principle of "Always Better", makes a difference in its sector with its innovative products that offer useful innovations beyond carrying the existing to the better.
Sleepy Natural

Sleepy Natural

Eruslu Hygienic Products has produced Sleepy Natural brand new sanitary pads for this expectation in Research & Development laboratories on the basis of the fact that consumers are moving towards products produced with natural content day by day.